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How to Give the Best Care to your Shoes

Shoes play an important role in uplifting our overall appearance. We often take the shoe care routine for granted and expect them to stay in a good condition for years without that. But, the only thing required to maintain their looks and comfort for years is a proper shoe care routine, and the good thing is that it also doesn’t take much time provided you know the steps well.

A thing to be taken care of is that there are different types of shoes that are made from different materials and they all require special care, i.e. different from the other. Whether they are women’s shoes, sandals, heels, wedge boots, or men’s shoes made of leather or suede, the same shoe care routine will be applied to them.

But, there are some general shoe care tips as well that fairly go well with almost all shoe types. So, let’s first take a look at them:
General Shoe Care Tips
1. Save them From Water Maximum types of shoes stay happy and look good if they are kept away from water because it helps in retai…

Best Shoe Styles of 2018 for Women with Wide Feet

You might have found choosing of right shoes for your wide feet a challenge, but now I bring to you the selection of the cutest women shoes that are just perfect for the wide feet. Whether you are a traveler or non-traveler, the selection of right shoes is extremely important to keep you going comfortably.
There are many good brands that make special sizes for wide feet, but if you are unaware that what those brands and shoes are, here is the listing, take a look.

Heavenly Soles Ankle Boots
Heavenly Soles shoes are one of those that are most preferred by women with wide feet. The brand makes some special sizes by keeping in mind the requirements of wide feet. Heavenly soles ankle boots are made from a combination of material textures that are soft and easily adjustable for different width of feet.
Not only shoes, but there are other styles of women footwear as well from heavenly soles that look stylish, stay comfortable, and just perfect for wide feet.

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