How to Plan an Unexpected Summer Trip?

The perfect way to feel refreshed in summer is by adding up a new interesting destination in your travel list. Well, often we plan our holidays well in advance by doing all the necessary preparations and a thorough research about the place. But, it is even more interesting to go on a sudden unexpected summer trip when you find yourself right in the middle of holidays without much preparation or thought process.
The biggest advantage of sudden unexpected summer trips is that everything that you are going to experience there would be full of surprises, the places, the food, and the culture. You will find yourself in the state of a true explorer. If any such sudden travel plan is right in front of you, worry not, we bring you some quick and efficient ways to plan for the expected summer trip.
So, here comes the vacation checklist you need to carry along while going for the sudden vacations:
The Summer Outfits

There is no time to buy the new pairs? Not an issue, pack the best that you got …

How to Get Dressed for Coachella 2018 Music Festival

One of the biggest annual music festivals has arrived and we are more than excited to attend it. Coachella brings along a lot of fashion, music, and energy, a number of new fashion trends start from here. So, let’s contribute to it a bit, by making some fresh fashion statements to stand out from the crowd.

The Coachella music festival that is celebrated for two consecutive weekends is not that easy to plan, after all, you need to look out for everything from the staying options, car parking to what you are going to wear. We are here to resolve your complication on one of these topics, by helping you decide the best that you can wear on different days during the festival.

Coachella witnesses a lot of fashion. Especially girls like to experiment a lot with their looks, right from the hair-style, make-up, dresses, to the footwear, they put their mind in almost everything. But, one thing that is desired the most while dressing up is the comfort, as the festival makes you feel really tire…

Cool Handbag Styles for Women Wanderers

Traveling can be best resolved by carrying baggage that let you carry the stuff in a pretty organized manner so that you don’t waste time in searching of an important item in the middle of the check-in line at the airport or anywhere else.
Apart from the heavy-weight suitcase, a handbag, clutch or a pouch is also important to hang around the shoulder, to keep the small and important stuff handy such as mobile phone, dry snacks, or keys etc., and women’s handbags are best recommended for the purpose.
Lightweight and designer handbags for women are the most loved by them. She possesses different requirements and luckily got a variety of travel bag styles to choose from such as leather cross-body bags, tote bags, stylish travel purses, lightweight travel handbags etc. Some like to carry the cross-body travel bag, some like to hang it around the shoulder, whereas some found it easy to carry the small pouches. But, one thing is sure for every style that these bags bring the convenience o…

5 Fashionable Sneakers that You can Wear on Repeat This Spring 2018

If you say that white fashionable sneakers are losing their charm, this is absolutely not the case, however, it can be said that other sneaker styles for women are catching up with them to become the most loved sneaker style of 2018.
A good thing is that there is a lot of variety of fashionable women sneakers to choose from such as sporty looking sneakers, socks sneakers, classic sneakers, platform sneakers, rubber sole sneakers etc. that all are pretty comfortable shoes for women even for walking and traveling.

But, what are those five most fashionable sneaker styles that can be worn again and again on repeat throughout the season? Take a look at some of the most fashionable yet comfortable walking sneakers for women in 2018.
Sparkling Sneakers If you think sparkle is soon going to be out of style, let me tell you that it is here to stay for long. There is no other option for you than to smile when you walk in those sparkling set of shoes that shine while taking a comforting walk or…

How to Give the Best Care to your Shoes

Shoes play an important role in uplifting our overall appearance. We often take the shoe care routine for granted and expect them to stay in a good condition for years without that. But, the only thing required to maintain their looks and comfort for years is a proper shoe care routine, and the good thing is that it also doesn’t take much time provided you know the steps well.

A thing to be taken care of is that there are different types of shoes that are made from different materials and they all require special care, i.e. different from the other. Whether they are women’s shoes, sandals, heels, wedge boots, or men’s shoes made of leather or suede, the same shoe care routine will be applied to them.

But, there are some general shoe care tips as well that fairly go well with almost all shoe types. So, let’s first take a look at them:
General Shoe Care Tips
1. Save them From Water Maximum types of shoes stay happy and look good if they are kept away from water because it helps in retai…

Best Shoe Styles of 2018 for Women with Wide Feet

You might have found choosing of right shoes for your wide feet a challenge, but now I bring to you the selection of the cutest women shoes that are just perfect for the wide feet. Whether you are a traveler or non-traveler, the selection of right shoes is extremely important to keep you going comfortably.
There are many good brands that make special sizes for wide feet, but if you are unaware that what those brands and shoes are, here is the listing, take a look.

Heavenly Soles Ankle Boots
Heavenly Soles shoes are one of those that are most preferred by women with wide feet. The brand makes some special sizes by keeping in mind the requirements of wide feet. Heavenly soles ankle boots are made from a combination of material textures that are soft and easily adjustable for different width of feet.
Not only shoes, but there are other styles of women footwear as well from heavenly soles that look stylish, stay comfortable, and just perfect for wide feet.

OTBT Wavey in Cacao
For those w…

The Hottest Spring Shoe Styles 2018

Every season is beautiful and comes along with different footwear and fashion trends. The same transition has just started from winters to summers 2018 and bring us to this beautiful transitional phase called spring in 2018. Spring arrives when wind starts changing temperature from cold to slightly hot, when days change their length, and when flowers start to bloom.

This special season surely needs some special footwear styles to rock the season. The footwear styles that are not fully covered such as winter boots or not fully open such as summer sandals would be appropriate for the season that can covers the feet yet gives it enough air to breathe such as stylish boots with a twist, glittering shoes, semi-covered sandals etc.

So, let’ stake a look at some of the interesting shoe styles for spring 2018.
OTBT Jaunt Platform Wedge Sandal  Platform wedges sandals always remain a favorite of women no matter what the weather is and these covered platform wedge sandals are just perfect for th…