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Safety Tips for Solo Women Travelers

Solo Traveling can be anyone’s favorite, but when it comes to solo traveling for women, the first thing that comes to mind is safety. Is it safe to go alone to a strangers’ place? How she will do it all alone and all. I have also traveled alone a lot and believe me, it’s not as difficult as it seems to be.

It’s totally wrong that solo woman traveler always remains in danger, but yes I agree that they need to be a little extra cautious than solo male travelers. Here, I am sharing some safety tips for women that are important for them to follow if they are traveling alone.

All these tips are entirely based on my experience, being a solo woman traveler I can understand what a woman has to go through in a different country among strangers. But, relax ladies, read the safety tips given below and you will be ready to take on the world.
Safety Tips for Women1. Research The very first and important tip for a solo woman traveler is the thorough research of your travel destination. The more yo…

Have you packed it Right for This Vacation?

It feels so excited when we plan a vacation. I, as a travel freak, start making my travel plans immediately after finalizing a vacation that what I am going to carry, what kind of dress, what kind of footwear etc. But, keeping all these things aside, it’s always better to pack smart. And this thing becomes even more important when you travel solo.
After going on several trips solo and in groups, I have realized the importance of some essentials that you must need to carry along. So, today I am going to discuss the things that you just can’t avoid if you are packing for vacation.
1.Check all your Documents The first and foremost thing that comes first in priority list is your documents. Make sure you have all the papers ready because a minor negligence in papers can cost your whole trip. Documents that you should keep ready are:
•Personal ID
•Credit, Debit cards
•Print-out for tickets and hotel booking
•Health and travel insurance cards and papers
•Print out of emergency add…

Top 5 Wedge Trends for Summers 2017

Summer has arrived and it’s high time to fill your wardrobe with stylish and comfy clothes and footwear. But, if you are confused that what styles are trending this season, then I am here to tell you everything about this season’s trend.

So, let’s talk about the trendy wedges for women that will help in putting your foot forward in style. Wedge heels are always helpful in making a style statement. As a style traveler, wedges are one of my personal favorites, because they are not only carried with different outfits, but they also provide a great walking comfort. There are certain wedge heel styles that are high on trend this season. So, let me tell you about these top 5 wedge heel styles that are going to rule:

Wide Strap Wedges

Wide strap wedges will help in making a new style statement this summer. These wedges are not only super stylish, but they also give a nice grip to foot that makes them comfortable walking wedges for women. So, if you are looking for a footwear that can walk miles…

Surprise your Mother this Mother’s Day with these Amazing Ideas

Your mother has given you everything, her love, time, care, and affection, though you also love her a lot, Mother’s day gives you a chance to show your love and affection to her. So, have you make some plans for this special day? Well, if yes then good, and if no, then I am here to share some brilliant ideas that your mother will love. So, read on to know how you can make your mother feel special on her special day.

Plan a Weekend Getaway
Whenever you go on trips or journeys your mother waits for you at home and ask for all the adventure you had when you come back. But, this is the time to make her experience all the adventure. This trip will refresh her, fill fun in her monotonous life and give her some beautiful memories. Also, make sure to take a lot of pictures with your mom.
You can plan this trip according to your mother’s liking, if she is a nature lover, booking a resort at the top of the hill would be great, and if she loves going out in the city, book a luxurious hotel in t…

How to Choose the Perfect Traveling Shoes

Have you started packing for your next trip? Just make sure to have a pair of comfortable traveling shoes, because you don’t know how much walking your next journey could have. Carrying a pair of perfect shoes is of utmost importance, they can be your greatest travel friend if comfortable, but at the same time can also be your worst enemy if uncomfortable. The time you visit the market for shoe shopping, check their fit and take a small walk around the store to make sure that they are not hurting from anywhere.

Different types of shoes are required to fulfill different requirements of travelers. The weather of your destination also plays an important role in shoe selection.

Over the years, I noticed that shoes have evolved a lot, apart from that basic classy shoes, the market is filled with shoes serving a specific purpose. I have tried to mention some important points here that can help while shopping for travel shoes.

Flat Sandals 
Sandals are generally flat and airy with or without …

Trip to New York, the City of Dreams

The flamboyance and environment of New York can charm anyone, it is the heart of the world, the city of dreams. Every time I travel New York, it left me craving for more. Skyscrapers, amazing nightlife, good food, museums and amazingly beautiful parks. I visited New York early this summer and the city was beautiful and young as always.
But, being a world-class city, the trip to New York can create a big hole in your pocket, so it’s very important to plan everything in advance, from the place you are going to visit the budget you are going to spend. Based on my personal experience, I would advise you to cover all the major attractions of the city by opting smart ways of saving money. 
The Travelers' Guide to Saving The true vibe of NYC can be enjoyed for free simply by walking around the streets and visiting places that are free. New York also offers passes for different requirements of a traveler such as passes for local commuting, and for visiting different attractions around th…