How to Choose the Perfect Traveling Shoes

Have you started packing for your next trip? Just make sure to have a pair of comfortable traveling shoes, because you don’t know how much walking your next journey could have. Carrying a pair of perfect shoes is of utmost importance, they can be your greatest travel friend if comfortable, but at the same time can also be your worst enemy if uncomfortable. The time you visit the market for shoe shopping, check their fit and take a small walk around the store to make sure that they are not hurting from anywhere.

Different types of shoes are required to fulfill different requirements of travelers. The weather of your destination also plays an important role in shoe selection.

Over the years, I noticed that shoes have evolved a lot, apart from that basic classy shoes, the market is filled with shoes serving a specific purpose. I have tried to mention some important points here that can help while shopping for travel shoes.

Flat Sandals 

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Sandals are generally flat and airy with or without back support that gives some nice air to your feet. They also create a nice grip on feet and let you walk through beaches or sand comfortably. They are a must-have if you are traveling in summers or to a hot place. Doesn’t matter if they are moderately stylish, but they should be high on comfort. OTBT March is one of my favorite sandals that is highly comfortable shoes.

Activity Shoes

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Women travelers are also very much into adventure, and activity shoes let them perform all the activities including hiking, running, dancing, working out etc. with extreme ease. It is an all-rounder kind of shoe that can be used in any activity and that goes well with almost all pairs of jeans and shorts.


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If a heel is a must, go for women wedges, a moderate wedge heel will let you walk long without hurting. Stylish wedge heel for women also allows to take a style walk on the city streets, and perfect for dinner outings. OTBT Rexburg is my favorite that is high on style and comfort.

The three types that are mentioned above are enough if you are traveling to a hot place, but if you are going to a colder place than an add-on of boots should be done to your shoe list.


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A must carry for cold places, they properly cover your feet and let you walk without feeling cold. They are also high in style and comfort. Different types of boots are available in the market such as long boots, ankle boots, wedge boots, made of leather or made of rubber etc. So, again it's important to understand the purpose of buying shoes before making a purchase.
Though people have different fittings, likings and comfort levels, these were some of the basic rules that go with all the travelers. So, at last, I would say that don’t compromise your personal style but follow the basics of comfort at the same time.


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