Safety Tips for Solo Women Travelers

Solo Traveling can be anyone’s favorite, but when it comes to solo traveling for women, the first thing that comes to mind is safety. Is it safe to go alone to a strangers’ place? How she will do it all alone and all. I have also traveled alone a lot and believe me, it’s not as difficult as it seems to be.

It’s totally wrong that solo woman traveler always remains in danger, but yes I agree that they need to be a little extra cautious than solo male travelers. Here, I am sharing some safety tips for women that are important for them to follow if they are traveling alone.

All these tips are entirely based on my experience, being a solo woman traveler I can understand what a woman has to go through in a different country among strangers. But, relax ladies, read the safety tips given below and you will be ready to take on the world.

Safety Tips for Women

1. Research

The very first and important tip for a solo woman traveler is the thorough research of your travel destination. The more you know your destination, the easier it will be for you to navigate through the place alone. Notice everything, from the eating habits to dressing style of that place and do your preparations accordingly. Read other travelers’ experiences, is there anything related to women safety that you need to focus on etc.

2. Making Bookings and Reservations

It’s always better to pre-book your hotels and commuting mediums, just do it before stepping out as a traveler as much as you can. Location of hotels in town can also be of great concern for a solo woman. Avoid hotels on outskirts of the town, choose something in the middle of the city on a well-traveled street because walking alone or taking a cab in the middle of the night for the hotel will not be a good idea.

3. Get Fit & Stay Connected

If you are traveling solo, then make sure that all your body parts are working properly and you are not going through any serious medical condition. Because, if you feel any medical emergency in the middle of your trip then it can be a problem to manage everything alone. So, take a visit to the doctor before packing your bags. Also, make sure to stay connected with your dear ones who are back at home with voice or video calling.

4. Pick the Right Shoes 

Traveling can include a lot of walking and if you are alone, you have to keep going without feeling tired, so picking up the comfortable walking shoes for women is also a thing to be taken care of. You can also carry an extra pair of fashionable sneakers for going out for dinners when you will want to step out in style. Otherwise, OTBT Lunar women shoes are my personal favorite and great for walking.

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5. Take care of your Valuables

Carry an extra bag for your valuables in which you can put all your gadgets, cash and credit cards etc. Keep this bag closer to you as much as possible. You can lock and leave other stuff in the hotel, but carry this bag with you always to minimize the risk of theft.

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6. Check your Drinking

If you are alone in a different country, never ever drink in excess to not to lose your senses, otherwise, it will become a threat to your security and you put yourself in a not so good situation.

7. If you are Lost, Don't Panic

You are a woman, alone and lost, you can be an easy target for looters or fraudsters. So, avoid being panic and showing it to others that you are lost, take help from trustworthy sources such as Police or any government organization. Also, don’t check the map or your local smartphone apps in the middle of the street. Instead, go to a restaurant or café to check anything about that place.

Your solo travel experience greatly depends on your confidence and information level. The more confident and informed you are, the more enjoyable your experience would be. It may be somewhat more difficult to manage your first solo trip, but once you do it, you will fall in love with exploring the world alone. So, go travel the world alone without any hesitation by keeping these tips in mind.


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