Cool Handbag Styles for Women Wanderers

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Traveling can be best resolved by carrying baggage that let you carry the stuff in a pretty organized manner so that you don’t waste time in searching of an important item in the middle of the check-in line at the airport or anywhere else.

Apart from the heavy-weight suitcase, a handbag, clutch or a pouch is also important to hang around the shoulder, to keep the small and important stuff handy such as mobile phone, dry snacks, or keys etc., and women’s handbags are best recommended for the purpose.

Lightweight and designer handbags for women are the most loved by them. She possesses different requirements and luckily got a variety of travel bag styles to choose from such as leather cross-body bags, tote bags, stylish travel purses, lightweight travel handbags etc.
Some like to carry the cross-body travel bag, some like to hang it around the shoulder, whereas some found it easy to carry the small pouches. But, one thing is sure for every style that these bags bring the convenience of carrying things in the reach while traveling.

When it comes to travel handbags, there are certain features that one should look out for while making a purchase and those are:
  • Durable – Traveling comes packed with certain unexpected situations, the handbag should be durable enough to go through all the unexpected wear and tear.
  • Multi-Functional – This feature enables the traveler to carry a different kind of stuff at a single place.
  • Look and Design – Carrying a bag that looks and feels good makes the traveler feels great.

Let’s now discuss some cool and latest women handbag styles from different renowned brands that are a must buy for them in 2018.

OTBT Copa Tote Bag

Image Credit: OTBT Copa Tote Bag

OTBT Copa is the newest addition to the list of cool handbag styles for women and its look and features are pretty impressive. The bag is having enough space, zipped, and open closures to carry and organize all the essentials.

Its shiny leather surface of rose gold color is very durable and makes it one of the most beautiful leather handbags for women. It’s a lightweight women travel bag that can be adjusted easily below the front seat of the plane. The non-slippery wide straps will let you hang it on the shoulder for hours without any problem.

The things placed in the outer pocket are so easy to reach and stay safe. So, it’s a complete travel-friendly bag with awesome looks and amazing space management.

Gucci GG Marmont small matelassé shoulder bag

Image Credit: Gucci GG Marmont - Shoulder Bag

Gucci, a well-known premium luxury brand whose products are packed with quality. It small Marmont women shoulder bag is so easy to carry that you just feel like carrying nothing. 

There is one inner open pocket and outer zipped closure to keep the essential stuff safe and organized. The bag is made from high-quality leather that is super-soft and durable with gold detailing in chain and brand’s logo.

Overall, an easy to carry, good looking, small cross-over designer shoulder bag that any woman can instantly fall in love with.

Madewell Transport Weekender

Image Credit: Madewell Transport

As the name suggests, the ‘Transport Weekender’, the bag is just appropriate to carry the stuff for a weekend, as the size is comparatively bigger, but still comfortable enough to carry on the shoulder. The Madewell Weekender is made from soft vegetable-tanned leather that makes it easy to fix and adjust in a small space.

There are two open inner pockets and one inner zipped closure to adjust and organize the stuff in a nice manner. 

So, the bag suits best to the women’s handbag category that is lightweight, spacious, and easily manageable. 

Louis Vuitton Neonoe Cross Body Bag

Image Credit: Louis Vuitton - Cross Body Bag

Cross body bags are another must have bags for women wanderers. Their advantage lies in the fact that they can be hanged in a cross-body manner that makes them easy to carry and access while keeping the hands free.
  1. There are many premium branded cross-body bags available and Louise Vuitton Neonoe leather cross body bag is one among them. It’s opening and closing lace is something that makes it the most desirable. 
  2. This style not only looks different, but can be opened and closed in an instant. 
  3. There is one zipped pocket for carrying cash and mobile, a removable long strap and top handle that make it pretty flexible and suitable for different situations.
  4. Neonoe leather cross body bag is also available in beautiful colors, so it’s another added advantage of the LV Neonoe.

OTBT Corina Wristlet Bag

Image Credit: OTBT Corina Wristlet Bag

If you are not into carrying the big tote bags and handbags for women, wristlet bag is something that is just the perfect choice. It has enough space to carry the mobile and cash, the things that you always want to keep handy. 

OTBT Corina Wristlet bag is a great option to choose for women travelers who prefer both looks and durability. This simple looking bag is made from buttery soft leather that is so soft to carry and also highly durable. 

There are one inner open pocket and one divider pocket that will help to keep the stuff organized and easily reachable.

Even when you are exploring a different city, it is not always necessary to carry the shoulder bag, when you don’t require that much stuff to be carried along. The wristlet bags are made for the purpose, and truly a must have for every women traveler.

Christian Louboutin Large Leather Tote

Image Credit: Christian Louboutin Large Leather Tote

Christian Louboutin Large Leather Tote bag is pretty good looking, possess a lot of space, and made with the durable soft leather material, these features are enough to make this bag absolutely travel-friendly.

There is one inner zipped pocket with open pockets as well, and one outer main zipped closure that help in better organization and placement of things.

The bag is made from soft calf leather with a signature Christian Louboutin red lining. Either carry it by using the rolled top handles or hang it around with an optional long shoulder strap, the bag will always make sure to be an awesome travel companion.


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