Why Comfortable Travel Shoes are Important – For Maintaining a Good Health

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There is no one who can better understand the relevance of a pair of comfortable walking shoes for women other than a woman traveler. It is the travel companion that decides how long she is going to walk during a trip because there is no denying that a traveler needs to walk a lot whether at the airport, bus station, and the destination while exploring or sight-seeing, or even at the hotel. Being a women traveler I always try to convey the importance of comfortable shoes for women to my readers, because uncomfortable or ill-fitted shoes can really put some bad impact on their health.

And, it’s not at all a good idea to fall sick while on a trip just because you are walking in a pair of uncomfortable shoes. Today, let’s discuss that how a pair of uncomfortable shoes can affect the health of a traveler while traveling.

1. Uncomfortable Shoes can give Pain and Tiredness

We might not even notice but every movement that our feet make in the act of walking affect every other part of our body. Ill-fitted shoes or shoes without proper closure directly affect the feet movement and create a bad impact on other body parts as well, because the feet and the body have to do an extra effort while walking to compensate with the discomfort and keep the posture right.
In this compensation act, the body suffers from unwanted pain such as pain in heels, ankles, knees, lower back, thighs and hips, the body starts feeling tired after walking only a few miles, and the chances of injuries also greatly increase.

A pair of comfortable shoes for women is important to prevent blisters, pain, and foot infections, and that comfortable shoes can be sneakers for women or women flat shoes.

2. The Right Shoes can Increase the Walking Distance

A healthy walking routine can only be maintained if you are feeling comfortable while doing so. No one wants to walk any distance while being in pain or having blisters in feet. A traveler whether man or woman needs to be on his foot for hours on daily basis during the whole duration of the trip.
The only thing that can keep you going while on a trip are your feet, and the tool that keeps your feet going without letting them feel tired are the shoes. Remember, the better tool you have, the better you will be able to walk. Comfortable women shoes also create a big and better impact on the walking speed and endurance.

3. Understand the Unique Needs of Feet

Different feet have different requirements, some need more support, some need less, some have a low arched foot and some have high arched. It’s important to understand the unique needs of your feet and make the shoe selection accordingly.

The people that can help in making a right shoe selection according to the foot shape and the support needed are the shoe experts, podiatrists, and sports medicine experts that can evaluate the foot type and its specific needs such as heel and arch type.

4. Timely Replacement for Maximum Efficiency

Now comes the point that how often you should replace your shoes. Regular use of shoes for longer periods of time can directly affect their efficiency of protecting feet and keep them going. Regular use of shoes affects the utility of its mid-sole area that is the area between the top and the bottom of a shoe.
Thus, replacement of shoe on a timely basis is highly important to gain the maximum utility out of a shoe while traveling.
Old shoes become also deprive of the shock-absorption ability and put unnecessary pressure and stress on those areas that are not meant for that.

5. Impact the Foot Growth at an Early Age

Tight, uncomfortable, or ill-fitted shoes can create an impact on the growth and shape formation of the foot. So, the appropriate fit and comfort of a shoe are necessary to have, right from the very beginning.
It is highly important to make the right selection of travel shoes for women travelers such as sneakers for women or women flat shoes to keep them going for long.
I hope, now you have a better idea that why the selection of comfortable traveling shoes is important. Let’s now discuss some features that a traveler should look for while making a travel shoe selection.

Must have Qualities of Travel Shoes

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1. Lightweight and Flexible

It is nearly impossible to move around in a heavy and stiff pair of shoes. Check that the shoe must be lightweight and flexible.

2. Breathable and Good Fit

The women travel shoe should be breathable to avoid sweating of feet and keep them fresh for long. The shoe must not be very tight or loose fitted because your feet will not feel like walking in both the cases.

3. Padding

There should be appropriate padding in the walking shoes whose extent can differ for different feet types, according to the arch type the feet possess. Low arch types can be accommodated on lower padding, higher padding is required by high arched feet, and a nominal amount of padding can do for feet with mid arch.

4. Winter Boots – Lightweight, Comfortable, and Versatile

If we talk about winters, boots are the perfect travel shoes for the season. A pair of boots is a must to carry if you are going for traveling during winters. But, before taking them along make sure that they should be comfortable, lightweight, and versatile to make your winter travel more delightful.
Now take a quick look at some of the women’s most comfortable shoes for traveling.

Women’s Most Comfortable Traveling Shoes

OTBT New Wave

source: otbtshoes.com

Specially made for Travel Lite collection
Travel Lite EVA sole
Elastic strap and Velcro closure for easy in and out

New Balance WW1865

source: newbalance.ca

Made with advanced technology, durable material
Improved cushioned support

OTBT Move-On Winter Boots

source: otbtshoes.com

Knee-length Boot for good coverage
Water-proof leather with heat retaining socks
OR Rotator technology to flip-in and flip-out spikes for extreme conditions

Asics Gel-Tech Neo 4

source: plushweddingboutique.co.uk

Suitable for different arch types
Removable console

Always remember that you would not be able to travel anywhere with the painful feet and back. A good pair of shoes will not only save you from the discomfort but also save you from the unwanted pain that can put an unnecessary stoppage on your journey. So, carry shoes according to your feet to enjoy the most of walking and traveling.


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