6 Amazing Coastal Hikes Worldwide - A Must Visit for all Adventurous Travelers

Hiking on a beautiful coastal trail can make any traveler’s day. No matter how hard it is, the reward it gives of closely experiencing nature’s spectacular beauty is worth every hardship. I have also enjoyed some breathtaking experience of coastal hikes. They all are so amazingly beautiful that it becomes hard to believe that they exist in reality. Being a travel freak, if you are looking forward to adding some adventurous places in your travel diaries, coastal hikes are just for you. So, extend your bucket list and know where you can get the best experience of coastal hiking.

1.GR34 Coastal Footpath - France

source: www.trendrr.net
GR34, as I am putting it in the first place, so needless to say it is one of the most beautiful and versatile coasts. Garnished with blue beaches, soft sand, rocky cliffs, wildflowers, its overwhelming beauty will take you to the world of ultimate peace. It’s a long trek and takes about a month to complete, so it is a place for accumulating some great memories. Beautiful resorts and small towns come on the way are an additional treat to eyes and are good resting points.

2. Cinque Terre Coastal Walk - Italy

source: abrighteryellow.blogspot.com
Cinque coastal walk is one of the best things to do in Italy. This beautiful trail can be covered in only 6 hours with small intervals if you walk through trail 2. Beautiful Italian villages on this coastal line look picture perfect and let travelers enjoy the authentic Italian pizzas. However, it’s important to take care of the weather, because peak season attracts a lot of tourists that lead to crowded paths. The beautiful landscapes that make this trek worth traveling are lush green gardens, exotic flora and fauna, and a beautiful lovers’ point etc.

3. Wild Coast Hiking Trail - South Africa

source: thecasualobserver.co.za
It is again a dangerous trail that requires expertise and experience, a major portion of the trail is untouched and unexplored. There are empty white sand beaches and unique rock cliff structures that are a delight to explore. This 280 km long trail takes 25 days to complete. Xhosa villages along the coastline of the beach make the view even more astonishing.

4. Olympic National Park - Washington

source: http://alterra.cc/en/Olympic_National_Park/
This park protects diverse ecosystems including rainforests, mountains, and beautiful beaches. It is a backpackers’ paradise. There is almost nothing for nature lovers that they can’t enjoy in this park. There are forests, falls, beaches, lakes, mountains, rivers and so much more. Crescent Lake and Rialto beach are the places that are considered best for hiking. It is for sure that its diverse landscape can appease anyone’s travel cravings of exploring diversity.

5. Kalalau Trail - Hawaii

source: polyadhawaiitours.com
Kalalau is not a beginners’ thing. Nature is a bit rough in this trail, but at the same time incredibly beautiful, the dramatic mountains, lonely beaches, seaside tunnels are worth every difficulty. It is a 22-mile roundtrip hike that passes through five lush valleys. It is a true paradise for adventure travelers. Along the way, the hikers come across lush green forests, beautiful waterfalls and the amazing view of the endless blue sea.

6. Pembrokeshire Coastal Path – Wales, United Kingdom

source: luggagetransfers.co.uk
It is one of the most beautiful coastal path in the world that let hikers enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Britain. Comprises of different landscapes, there are beautiful open beaches, rugged limestone cliff-tops, and lush green spaces. This 870 miles long path passes through 58 beaches and 14 harbors. The beautiful small villages and towns make the whole experience even more enticing.

Some Essentials Required for Hiking

Hiking can be demanding on your physical health, but carrying some important essentials can keep all the inconveniences to the minimum. So, make a checklist of all the products mentioned below:
Map, GPS, Compass
Sunscreen, Sunglasses
Comfortable clothing as per the weather conditions
Comfortable boots, you can choose between hiking shoes or boots as per the terrain and your personal comfort level
Headlamp, floodlight, batteries
Knife, repair kits
Water bottle, water filter
Matches, lighter
First-aid box

All the other hiking backpacking essentials are listed here: The hiking essentials, check them out and make sure not to miss anything.

Hiking on these beautiful coastal paths is like experiencing the beauty of wonderful nature with every step. It is a must try for enjoying that once in a lifetime experience.


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