Walking Sneakers – The only Shoe you Need While Traveling

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Traveling is all about having fun, and when you feel comfortable in your traveling shoes, the fun quotient exactly doubles up. Being a traveler, I love to enjoy the freedom of exploring a new city on foot and being a shoe lover, I love to try different types and styles of shoes. But, preferably, I go for walking shoes with breathable fabric that let my feet breath.

Gradually over time, I have noticed that there are some types of shoes that feel the most comfortable while traveling, and walking sneakers are the best among them. There is no other shoe that can compete with their comfort and versatility.  Some points are mentioned below for justifying my statement, just find out why they are the best.

They are Amazingly Versatile

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Sneakers are one of my favorite because they are very versatile, I wear them with almost anything whether jeans, skirts, dresses, or shorts. They don’t eat up the elegance of my dresses, instead, they make them look smart. I also love to repeat the same pair of sneakers with different outfits. 

Wear them Almost Anywhere

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Sneakers can be worn anywhere, at the airport, while exploring the new city, on dinner dates or anywhere. Though most prefer to pack light and travel heavy, for people like me who also love to keep it light while traveling, sneakers are the best choice. Perfect foot coverage, perfect protection, with the perfect room for air. Unless my sneakers are highly water sensitive, I also don’t mind to take them on wet surfaces.

They Can Fit in Different Looks with an Array of Styles

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There are so many styles of sneakers available that it’s almost an effortless task to choose the one that goes best with your look. Classic white fashionable sneakers and slip-on sneakers with different colors and prints are my favorite. Some of the sneaker styles are sporty sneakers, classic lace-up sneakers, slip-on sneakers etc.

They Take Less Packing Space

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Sneakers are lightweight and consume very less space, even a pair of them is enough because you can wear them off with different looks. Sneakers are a fit for those travelers, who love to keep the luggage minimum.

They are quick dry and Easy to Clean

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Sneakers are generally made from canvas or other breathable material that make them easy to clean and quick dry. If they become dirty, either wipe them off with a wet cloth or wash them off with detergent and warm water. Just put them in a sunny spot and they will get dry within no time.

Suitable for Different Weather Conditions

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Sneakers are not only summer or winter friendly, instead, they can be worn during different weather conditions. If it is winter go for a thick woolen or cotton socks, and if it is summers, either wear them without socks or go for a summer socks only to prevent the direct contact of feet with the inner part of the shoe.

So, sneakers can do a lot more than what you have ever thought, you can travel anywhere with only a pair of sneakers. Just make sure to go for a good travel shoe brand such as Superga or OTBT to get the full worth out of your money. They will give a great comfort and also last for long.


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