An Ultimate Denmark Travel Guide

The beauty, Danish heritage, rich culture, and modern lifestyle of Denmark cannot be embodied in this small write-up. It is one of the easiest tasks to fall in love with this nation of happiest people in the world. My first trip to Denmark is something I can cherish for the lifetime. It’s beautiful, clean, friendly, and welcoming.

People of Denmark know exactly how to enjoy life. And, surprisingly they are different from the people of other countries in a good way. They don’t believe in showing off their big cars and houses, instead, they socialize a lot. I being a tourist was able to feel the warm and welcoming nature of Danes. Though Denmark is a bit expensive, so there’s a need to keep a check on spending for that extended stay.

I don’t know what, but there is something about the European landscape, architect, and culture that I always feel fascinated towards them. The good thing about the country is that each and every destination of this place is picture perfect, I also enjoy visiting towns with unpronounceable names.
Another advantage is that the place is totally bike friendly, you just need to rent a bike and you can explore the cities on your own. It’s a total breeze to navigate around different cities, because of the simple and user-friendly infrastructure.

Denmark is also a paradise of castles. One can witness the true royalty and charm of Danish architecture in these beautiful castles. Nature has also scattered its beauty immensely, beautiful beaches and islands of Denmark can turn any regular day into a perfect one.

Denmark has so much to offer, you just have to be on your feet all day to explore it, so whenever you make a plan to visit this beautiful country, make sure to carry comfortable boots for walking for winters or a pair of sneakers for summers. Now take a look at the top tourist destinations of Denmark.

Top tourist destinations of Denmark

1. Copenhagen 

The capital of Denmark is the biggest and also the most crowded place in the country. The hub of all major attractions, it is an essential connecting point for the country to different parts of the world.

By being here, you can be part of some great yearly festivals such as Copenhagen Summer Festival, Cultural Harbour Festival, and Food festival etc. These festivals make you experience the true vibe of the city, so it’s better to check their dates in advance before making a visit.

When I visited Copenhagen, I booked the festival tickets in advance and it was a show filled with some amazing local talent, truly a must see.

2. Tivoli Garden

Tivoli is one of the major attractions of Denmark. It is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world dated back in 1843. It is a one-stop destination for numerous entertaining activities, here you can watch puppet shows, theatre, dance and music shows, take some amazing rides and enjoy awesome food in a number of restaurants. This park looks most amazing in the Christmas season when a number of lights light up the whole area to celebrate the spirit of the festival.

For all the visitors, I recommend coming here an hour or two before it gets dark to enjoy Tivoli with and without lights, as the place looks really amazing with lights. Budget travelers take a note that you may find food a bit expensive in restaurants, so it’s better to have your meal before coming here.

3. Bornholm Island

Bornholm is a special island, though it is the easternmost island of Denmark, it touches the shores of Germany, Sweden, and Poland as well. It’s quite, beautiful. People like me who admire nature can spend hours sitting here watching the sea and doing nothing. Good thing is that one can easily rent a bicycle from here, to explore the whole island on two wheels. It is a good place to enjoy authentic local Danish cuisine, fun activities and historic architect.

I also visited some museums in Bornholm, but believe me one can enjoy the best of Bornholm only by cycling through islands beautiful paths.

4. Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen

It is one of the most important Palaces of the country from the historic and political point of view. Some part of this palace is open to visitors, but the other part is used for the political and administrative activities of the country including Prime Minister’s office, parliament house, and Supreme Court.
It is a nice place to explore, it gives a taste of the royal Denmark, the tickets are also easily available and worth visiting. Great scenery and architecture will also let to take lots of pictures.

5. Fur Island

Fur Island is a must visit because of its unique geological formation and varied landscapes. One can witness the history of Denmark in visible layers of volcanic ash and mo-clay. You can indulge here in some different fun activities such as searching for the fossils on the beach, visiting different museums, galleries and workshops are also helpful in gaining knowledge about this island’s history. This is going to be a somewhat different experience that will let you know about the processes of nature.

6. Legoland

Though Legoland is a children’s place, I thoroughly enjoy being there. The miniature display of some world famous buildings simply doesn't let your eyes go off from them. There are families, kids and the place had such a good vibe. It is also one of the biggest tourist attraction in Denmark.

7. Aarhus

Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark. There are a number of galleries, museums, amusement parks that are some of the major attractions of Aarhus. This city is known for its August international festival, good nightlife, and budget restaurants.

Its total fun to rent a bike and roam around in the city, this city also offers some good eating options at the roadside, an awesome street food I must say. Also, this is the best way to explore Aarhus.

8. The Blue Planet

The place was truly such a paradise, it is the largest aquarium in Northern Europe with a unique spiral design; its building itself is a great treat to eyes. It’s a great place to enjoy marine life as there are 450 different marine species present here which have been transported from different parts of the world. Tickets can be booked online in advance, it will let you avail some discount as well.

9. Kujatta, Greenland

If you are visiting Denmark, also make a visit to Kujatta in Greenland. This special site is recently added to the list of world heritage sites by UNESCO. This beautiful site contains the history of Norse hunters-gatherers, Norse farmers, Inuit hunters and Inuit farming communities that developed from the end of 18th century. This is a special landscape because it represents the earliest introduction of farming to the Arctic. It is an amazingly beautiful place.

These were some of the major attractions of Denmark, though the country has some other beautiful attractions as well, I would recommend every traveler not to miss the places listed above.

Tips for Saving Big in Denmark

Denmark is not a very budget friendly country, but a good financial planning can save you from spending big.

1. Accommodation

If we talk about accommodation, it is pretty expensive, a hotel room can cost you 685 DKK per night or more, however hotels outside big cities can be a bit cheaper i.e. around 450 DKK. As far as Airbnb is concerned, a room will cost around 325 DKK, and an entire apartment to up to 900 DKK. Hostels and camps are the two cheapest options that a budget traveler can opt for. Both camping and hostels can be availed in the range of 100 to 200 DKK.

2. Food

A decent meal in Denmark comes under the range of 100-200DKK, lunches are a bit affordable than dinners. But, if you are looking for an affordable option, street food is your best bet. Hot Dog, Kebab, and Pizza vendors will allow you to have a meal in the range of 25-30 DKK.

3. Transportation

Denmark is a fairly well-connected city, there are a number of local and international transport options available that connect different cities and the country to the adjacent countries. To avoid all the transport expenses, it is best for tourists to avail a local city pass. It is easily available, can be booked online, it’s cheap and lets you enjoy unlimited travel in buses, metro, and trains in Copenhagen.

4. Activities

Denmark is a tourist friendly country, it lets you enjoy some of the major attractions of its capital Copenhagen either on minimal price or free of cost with Copenhagen card. As a tourist, it’s always better to opt for this local tourist card to enjoy maximum on minimal price.
It allows you to have free admission in 73 top Copenhagen landmarks.
It allows you to enjoy discounts in restaurants and cafes.
Free and unlimited access to Copenhagen trains, buses, and metro network.
A free city map along with the freedom of choosing the hours of the validity of the card, such as 24, 48 or 72 hours.

5. Advance Booking

Booking anything in advance can help you save big, to up to 50%, anything whether it’s the bus, train, hotel or hostel, if you book them on short notice, you may have to pay a big amount.
Months from May to August are the best time to visit Denmark because of mild temperature, Denmark summer festivals, and the arrival of migrant species. So, make your plan, pack your bags and get going to Denmark.


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