Comfortable Walking Shoes for Different Type of Vacations & Their Packing Tips

If travel is something that stays in your mind all time, you need to read these packing tips for comfortable walking shoes that are going to help you in different kinds of vacations. It is a fact that even your favorite pair of travel shoe doesn’t work for different destinations, and there is nothing worse than held back on a trip because of wrong shoe selection.

So, it’s time to understand the requirements of selecting a comfortable walking shoe for different destination vacations, basis on which you can make the right shoe selection. Broadly, the types of vacations can be categorized into these three different types.

Types of Vacation

1. Beach Vacation
2. City Vacation, and
3. Adventure Outing

Every kind of vacation own different footwear requirements and it’s important to fulfill them to make the most of that outing. So, it’s very important to know your requirements first before you make any shoe purchase or start packing.

Let’s take a look at what different requirements are possessed by these different vacation types.

Beach Vacation

Beach is a beautiful destination to unwind yourself, to fill in with a new energy, to feel the softness of sand and freshness of water, and to witness the amazing meeting point of Earth and the sky.

It’s more about nature when we talk about beaches and the most suitable footwear that can be worn on beaches are those that can do well in sand and water. Open toe footwear such as flip-flops, floaters are more suitable instead of sneakers or shoes.

If you are thinking of carrying heels to beaches for those potential night-outs, prefer women platform wedges instead of a pointed or pencil heel, as they will not dig in the sand more deeply, unlike a pointed heel.

Footwear suitable for beach
Not suitable for beach
Flip Flops
Fashion sneakers
Flat waterproof sandals
Pointed heels
Anything bulky

City Vacation

Cities are completely different than beaches, instead of soft sandy land, it’s more about the hard concrete walking paths that will make you feel tired more quickly if you are walking on them with the wrong shoes. 

Closed shoes with soft padded footbed, comfortable walking boots, flats, walking sneakers, or women wedge heels work great for cities, what style and closure you prefer solely depends on your personal choice. Your foot needs more arch support and cushioning while walking on the streets of the city. So, it is extremely important to make a wise shoe selection.

Footwear Suitable for Cities
Not Suitable for Cities
Open Sandals
Loafers or comfortable flats
Comfortable walkable boots or wedges
High heels

Adventure Trips

Adventurous trips can include anything, it can be hiking, white-water rafting, mountain biking or any other adventure activity, adventure trips require shoes that can protect the foot from any unwanted injury. In order to do so, they should be strong, sturdy, waterproof, and suitable for different terrains.
And, it’s not at all true that adventure shoes look boring, in fact, there is a large variety of colors and designs of adventure shoes available in the market that are far more interesting and good looking than you think.

Footwear Suitable for Adventures
Not Suitable for Adventures
Strong and Study shoes
Flip flops, floaters
Waterproof shoes
Open sandals
Shoe with a good support
Non-waterproof shoes

These were some of the comfortable walking shoe types that you should consider while planning trips to different destinations. A shoe can make or break your vacation, so an appropriate shoe selection is vital to get the best out of trips. Now, let’s talks about the packing tips of travel shoes.

Shoe Packing Tips for Travelers

There is no denying the fact that any place could be best explored on foot when you walk through the streets of a new place exploring minute details that may left unnoticed on any other medium. And, here comes the role of the shoes whose comfort decides that for how long and how far you would be able to walk in them. A pair of comfortable walking shoes can let you walk through miles without feeling tired, whereas a pair of uncomfortable shoes can make you stop a lot earlier.

To keep the shoes in a good condition and shape, it is also equally imperative to pack them in a proper way. So, go through some important shoe packing tips to make your favorite shoe last longer.

1. Place them Appropriately in Backpack

It is often said that pack your shoes at the bottom of your backpack. It is perfectly all right if your shoes are sturdy and less probable to get distorted. 
But if your shoes are soft and are likely to get mold because of any other heavier object, either don’t put anything heavy on them or keep them on the top of your bag. 

2. Keep your Shoes Safe and your Belongings Clean

Reusable plastic bags are one of the best options to be used to pack your shoes while traveling. This way you can save your other belongings from getting dirty and your shoes will also stay safe in a different closure.

3. Instead of Packing, Wear Them

One other shoe carrying hack is that instead of getting them packed, they can be worn while traveling. Instead of packing the heaviest and bulkiest pair of shoes, just wear them up while traveling. It will help in saving space and managing the weight of the luggage.

4. How much Should you Pack

Along with all the packing tips, it’s also important to make the right choices in shoe selection, instead of packing all your favorite pairs, select those that you really want. A pair of flip-flops, comfortable walking sneakers, and a pair of women wedges for the night-outs are enough to make any trip a good one.

5. The Right Placement

Arrange footwear on the sides of your suitcase, only after wrapping them up in a plastic bag. They will easily get fit there without getting distorted and without disturbing your clothes arrangement as well. Also, keep the complete pair together so that you don’t waste time searching for another shoe.

Remember, your shoes are one of your most important travel assets, choose them wisely and pack them properly to get the best out of them on any trip. So, these were some of the selection and packing tips for your comfortable walking shoes, just follow them and enjoy your travel.


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