Travel Light in 2018 with these Fashionable yet Lightweight Shoes

Comfort is the foremost thing that anyone should be taken care of while traveling, but travelers also don’t want to compromise on style. And, a good pair of shoes is something that is a combination of both, comfort fit and good looks. Being a travel and fashion lover, I keep searching for shoes that can accompany me in my trips, those pairs that consume less space, stays light on weight, and offer me the best of comfort whenever I step into them.

The idle number of shoes that anyone should pack for traveling is 3 including a pair of comfortable walking sneakers, a pair of flats, and a pair of heeled pumps to wear them during different travel requirements. Else, a traveler can carry a minimum of two and maximum of four pairs.
But, what are those three pairs that you should be packing along while making a travel plan? Check out the list of fashionable yet lightweight shoes given below:

Everything you can ask for in a good pair of sandal is a nice grip, cushioned footbed, and its ease of wear. The biggest advantage of wearing sandals is that they let your feet breath. Those who can’t keep their feet packed for long in shoes, sandals are a good choice for them for lettings some air around their feet.

Mephisto Helen Sandals

If you are looking for a perfect combination of style and comfort, Mephisto Helen is one among the best choices. Mephisto’s air technology absorbs shock with extreme ease and helps to relieve pressure on joints.
They are so easy to slide in your feet that the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind after seeing them is the comfort. Also, there are so many colors that you can choose different looks with ease.

OTBT Astro

A completely new addition to my list of comfortable travel sandals is OTBT Astro. The sandal is perfectly designed by keeping the comfort of a traveler in mind. It makes a perfect grip on the foot, feels soft, and let you walk for hours. 

Its soft-footbed and perfect height keep the shocks while walking at bay. The sandal is available in some interesting colors, and it gives an overall sporty look to feet. Overall, it’s an interesting sandal that looks different, feels comfortable and just perfect for traveling.

Clarks Un Haywood


Despite the kind of path you are walking, whether smooth or rough, Clarks Un Haywood will make sure to maximize comfort and minimize the shock every time. It creates a nice grip on the foot and feels soft. The soft feel of sole and straps will make you feel like you are walking on clouds.

Comfortable Traveling Sneakers

Allbirds Women’s Wool Runners

Wool runners are lightweight, flexible, breathable and most importantly very comfortable. They will definitely make you walk a little extra without making you feel tired. You will start loving them with the very first use.

I prefer to carry them along as they pack easily without taking much space and adding extra weight because they are very soft and lightweight. Another advantage is that they are amazingly versatile. They look simple, classy and easily go with different styles whether with dresses, denim, or shorts.

OTBT Normcore

The most amazing thing about OTBT Normcore is that it fits just perfectly, whether you have a narrow or wide foot, because of an elastic band on the sides. Either wear them with or without laces, they look good in both the styles. Also, they are lightweight, versatile, feel soft and just perfect for traveling. You can find them easily on their website.

Adidas Stan Smith

Purchasing a pair of Adidas original Stan Smith is a kind of investment in comfort and looks. Their style literally never goes out of trend. Though Adidas always make sure to do some minor alterations in their looks every year, that also doesn’t harm the looks of old pairs.

Also, they are comfortable, stylish, and their good quality material can last for years. But, always make sure to try them on for a comfort fit before buying a pair, because their size sometimes runs smaller.

Comfortable Traveling Boots

One can’t think of visiting a colder or snow-covered destination without boots as they protect the feet well by saving them from water and snow. And, now boots have become much more than just travel shoes, they become something that showcases your style as well.

Different kinds of boots are available in the market, some made from soft material and some are not so soft. But, on the basis of my personal experience, I want to share an advice that if you are looking for a travel boots, always make sure to select boots made from soft material, as they will provide the much-needed flexibility to your legs and feet. Otherwise, you might feel uncomfortable in boots made from a comparatively harder material.

Stuart Weitzman Over-the-knee Boots

There is always a double advantage of carrying over-the-knee boots while traveling to a cold place. They provide coverage to legs if you are wearing something short of making the whole attire look stylish, and they act as an added coverage if you are wearing tights. So, they save you from cold in both the cases.

Stuart Weitzman 5050 are good because they are warm, made from soft material and have just the perfect heel height that is idle for taking long walks.

OTBT Move On

OTBT Move On is just perfect for saving your feet from extreme weather conditions. They are waterproof and lock the heat within with the help of heat-retaining socks. There is more technicality to this pair of boots that it will let you walk with or without sole spikes.
Cougar Women Connect Boots

Your search of stylish, waterproof ankle boots will come to an end with Cougar women connect boots. The idle heel length, stylish design, comfortable fit make them comfortable as well as dressy enough to carry with different dresses, whether with tights, shorts, or long and short dresses.

All these footwear are packed with style and extremely lightweight and comfortable. Now you don’t have to compromise with style while selecting a lightweight and comfortable travel shoe.


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