Best Shoe Styles of 2018 for Women with Wide Feet


You might have found choosing of right shoes for your wide feet a challenge, but now I bring to you the selection of the cutest women shoes that are just perfect for the wide feet. Whether you are a traveler or non-traveler, the selection of right shoes is extremely important to keep you going comfortably.
There are many good brands that make special sizes for wide feet, but if you are unaware that what those brands and shoes are, here is the listing, take a look.

Heavenly Soles Ankle Boots


Heavenly Soles shoes are one of those that are most preferred by women with wide feet. The brand makes some special sizes by keeping in mind the requirements of wide feet. Heavenly soles ankle boots are made from a combination of material textures that are soft and easily adjustable for different width of feet.
Not only shoes, but there are other styles of women footwear as well from heavenly soles that look stylish, stay comfortable, and just perfect for wide feet.

OTBT Wavey in Cacao


For those who love heels and style, OTBT Wavey in cacao is the perfect choice for them. The wedge sandals are made from high-quality material, and its adjustable straps allow the wearer to adjust them according to the width of the feet.
The beautiful color and design are the added advantages for women who love to travel in style. Despite having high-heels, the OTBT Wavey will not let you feel tired even after hours of walking.



Birkenstocks are famous for being comfortable and one of its amazing quality is that the brand has special sizes for the wide feet as well. The sandal’s adjustable straps fit well around the wide feet and provide proper grip and support.
For those who need more support while walking, there is an option for them with the back strap as well. So, it has got the solution for those who have the wide feet and also need extra support while walking.

Cole Haan Juliana Pumps


The brand Cole Haan is also a great choice for selecting right shoes for women with wide feet. They provide many size options in almost every style and design.
Similarly, Cole Haan Juliana Pumps are specially made to accommodate the wide feet.



Softwalk brand is especially focused to give both style and comfort to women no matter which foot size they belong. They have a wide range of sizes in terms of length and width. Also, the footbed used by the brands in almost all their shoes are extremely comfortable, soft, and cushiony.
Try Softwalk Waverly hidden wedge flats, the material is super soft and comfortable, the hidden wedge heel is also perfect to give a height lift.

Asos New Look Wide Fit Range


Asos New Look is having a complete range of footwear including sandals, shoes, boots, and flats etc. specially made to fit in the women wide feet. The brand doesn’t make women with wide feet to compromise on style and looks.
Try out their satin wide fit sandals, the soft satin is easily adjustable, easy to tie and thus gives a perfect grip.

OTBT Wander Closed Toe Wedges


OTBT Wander closed toe wedges are perfect for seasons like spring and fall, they can protect the feet well and also provide a great support while walking. The ultra-soft leather easily stretches to different feet shapes and an elastic strap gives a perfect grip without making it feel tight or uneasy.
Overall, it is an awesome footwear for those women who have wide feet, who need support while walking, and who love to rely on high-quality material.

Naturalizer Joan Wide Calf Boot


Naturalizer wide calf boot is just perfect to accommodate wide feet along with winter socks and a comforting footbed as well. The boots are having plenty of room to keep the wide feet comfortably. The boot is perfect for women who have wide feet and who love to wear long boots during winters.
The choice of colors is interesting and they also fit easily over the skinny denim or trousers.

This is the perfect selection of boots, pumps, comfortable wedges, sandals, and flats for women who have wide feet. So, now there is no need to compromise with style and looks, as you got everything you need to look good.


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