How to Give the Best Care to your Shoes

Shoes play an important role in uplifting our overall appearance. We often take the shoe care routine for granted and expect them to stay in a good condition for years without that. But, the only thing required to maintain their looks and comfort for years is a proper shoe care routine, and the good thing is that it also doesn’t take much time provided you know the steps well.

A thing to be taken care of is that there are different types of shoes that are made from different materials and they all require special care, i.e. different from the other. Whether they are women’s shoes, sandals, heels, wedge boots, or men’s shoes made of leather or suede, the same shoe care routine will be applied to them.

But, there are some general shoe care tips as well that fairly go well with almost all shoe types. So, let’s first take a look at them:

General Shoe Care Tips


1. Save them From Water

Maximum types of shoes stay happy and look good if they are kept away from water because it helps in retaining their surfaces’ texture and polish. There are some special shoes as well that are specially made for water, but otherwise, it’s advisable to keep them dry as much as possible.
Give them a regular dry-cleaning either by brushing or polishing and use a water-proof protector spray on the surface to avoid any damage if they come in contact with water.

2. Add Rubber Soles

Use rubber soles at the bottom to avoid rubbing and detrition of the sole. Doing this can help increase the lifespan of the shoe to up to a great extent. Also, it’s easy to replace the worn rubber sole than the leather sole that can be easily done by visiting a shoe repairman.

3. Regular Cleaning of Insoles

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The insole of a shoe is also equally important as its outsole, clean them regularly, and if the odor is a problem, use of alcohol or an anti-fungal spray is advisable to keep them fresh and clean

4. Give them a Break

Regular wearing the same pair of shoes for long durations will give them no time to breathe and repair. So, give them a break in-between before breaking your feet into them for hours.
For doing that use alternate pairs of shoes, it helps maintain the variety and increases the shoes’ lifespan.

5. Wear Socks before Putting on Shoes

Wearing socks before putting on shoes avoid the rubbing of feet and insole that helps the insole surface to stay smooth for long. Also, it keeps the feet healthy by keeping fungus and germs at bay when you wear clean socks with every wear.

6. Use Shoetrees

If not for all, use shoe trees for expensive leather pairs to maintain their shape, avoid leather creasing and to absorb moisture. Shoetrees are of great use if you use your shoes less often i.e. only on special occasions.

7. Use Quality Polish, Cream, and Sprays

Don’t follow the bargain route while purchasing the shoe polish, cream, and sprays, because low-quality polish might not be doing what they claim. Instead, they will add a layer to your shoe surface that could be harmful.

These were some general shoe care tips that are applicable to almost types whether leather or suede. Now, take a look at the specialized shoe care tips for a specific material.

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Leather Shoe Care Tips


Same shoe care tips apply to leather shoes or leather women wedge sandals. High-quality leather may be very durable and looks good, but it needs special care for staying the same way for years.

  1. Keeping your leather shoes clean, polished, and conditioned can add many years to their life. Leather generally cracks and dries out if not conditioned or polished well.
  2. Clean your leather shoes with a good quality brush or soft cotton cloth. 
  3. Condition them by using a good quality leather conditioner.
  4. Use a good quality polish for leather shoes to keep the shine intact, but avoid overdoing it.
  5. Use a good quality leather protection spray to save it from water and dust.

Suede Shoe Care Tips


1. Brush off excess dirt from the surface by using a good quality brush.
2. Use a suede protection spray to protect it from damage and dust.
3. Store your suede shoes by wrapping in a breathable cloth, instead of putting them in an air-tight container. Also, avoid exposing your suede to sunlight.
4. Use a suede eraser for removing stains from the surface.
5. Avoid wearing suede if it is rainy or stormy outside.

Canvas Shoe Care Tips


1. Canvas shoes are comparatively easier to take care of. They can be taken underwater without the fear of any damage.
2. They can be washed often by using normal water and detergent powder.
3. Also, any special conditions are not required for storing the canvas shoes.

These were some simple shoe care tips, whether leather, suede, canvas or anything else, all materials need special care that should be provided to make them look good and increase their lifespan. Just keep your shoes in good condition and enjoy them looking good on you.


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