5 Fashionable Sneakers that You can Wear on Repeat This Spring 2018

If you say that white fashionable sneakers are losing their charm, this is absolutely not the case, however, it can be said that other sneaker styles for women are catching up with them to become the most loved sneaker style of 2018.

A good thing is that there is a lot of variety of fashionable women sneakers to choose from such as sporty looking sneakers, socks sneakers, classic sneakers, platform sneakers, rubber sole sneakers etc. that all are pretty comfortable shoes for women even for walking and traveling.

But, what are those five most fashionable sneaker styles that can be worn again and again on repeat throughout the season? Take a look at some of the most fashionable yet comfortable walking sneakers for women in 2018.

Sparkling Sneakers

If you think sparkle is soon going to be out of style, let me tell you that it is here to stay for long. There is no other option for you than to smile when you walk in those sparkling set of shoes that shine while taking a comforting walk or traveling.

Every color looks beautiful in its sparkling form, in fact, designers are loving to play with colors and sparkle, and creating some beautiful color combinations as well that shine.


Socks Sneakers

The fashionable women socks sneakers are gaining popularity at a surprisingly fast pace, thanks to the comfort fit, breathable texture, unique design and lightweight. Almost every sneaker brand is trying its hands on the socks sneakers because they become one of the most fashionable and comfortable casual shoes for women. There are ankle length, mid-ankle length sneakers that provide optimum support and comfort that are way more than any other sneaker type.

Subtle Shades

The fashionable sneaker industry is jumping on the alternatives of white sneakers and preferring shades like tan, cream, camel, and pinks to give a fresh look to the casual sneakers. These colors add a sense of freshness to the sneakers styling, look extremely feminine and stylish, and obviously, the season needs a change from the superbly trendy white sneakers that is provided by these subtle shades.

Platform Sneakers


Platform sneakers is another most preferred style of women sneakers, as they are just perfect to solve the purpose of heels with the comfort of flats. Along with being comfortable casual sneakers, platform sneakers are available in different heel heights. Also, they provide better cushioning and shock absorption because of the thick shoe sole that creates an optimum gap between the feet and the land.


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Ankle length Sneakers


After ankle length boots, ankle length sneakers are going to be the new style obsession, but this is for sure that they are far more sporty and comfortable casual sneakers in comparison to the ankle length boots. Ankle length fashionable women sneakers look completely different, absolutely suitable for traveling, and make an amazing pair with dresses and tights. 

Also, ankle length sneakers are suitable for different weather conditions whether summers or winters, it provides a better foot coverage and support while walking.

Sneakers never go out of style, but there are styles that can make you stay updated with the latest design trend of sneakers. If you haven’t yet purchased any of these fashionable women sneakers, shop for the one and make yourself look trendy in 2018.


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