How to Get Dressed for Coachella 2018 Music Festival

One of the biggest annual music festivals has arrived and we are more than excited to attend it. Coachella brings along a lot of fashion, music, and energy, a number of new fashion trends start from here. So, let’s contribute to it a bit, by making some fresh fashion statements to stand out from the crowd.

The Coachella music festival that is celebrated for two consecutive weekends is not that easy to plan, after all, you need to look out for everything from the staying options, car parking to what you are going to wear. We are here to resolve your complication on one of these topics, by helping you decide the best that you can wear on different days during the festival.

Coachella witnesses a lot of fashion. Especially girls like to experiment a lot with their looks, right from the hair-style, make-up, dresses, to the footwear, they put their mind in almost everything. But, one thing that is desired the most while dressing up is the comfort, as the festival makes you feel really tired by keeping you on your feet the whole day.

Let’s now take a look at the best Coachella outfit ideas 2018:

The Styles for the First Weekend

Stay Sexy for Day 1


As it is the first day, everyone’s excitement must be at its peak and believe me, you are going to get noticed the most on this day. So, it needs some special attention.
Choose a dress that can flaunt your curves in the most beautiful way, either a body-suit or a sexy two-piece swimsuit. Let your denim and jumpsuits take rest for the following days because the first day is the day to flaunt your skin.

A high-bun or open wavy hairs will work well with the look and yes, how can I forgot to mention the flower crown. Wear a beautiful flower crown and let your tresses flow. The makeup is definitely a must with a layer of sunscreen beneath it.

Footwear is something that needs extra attention, after all, you are going to be on your feet for all day long. The women wedge sandals are one of the most preferred options as they feel comfortable and give a height lift with a touch of femininity.

Comfort is the Key for Day 2

The festival is progressing and you are getting into the mood, so wear something that will allow you to go with the flow such as a jumpsuit or a stylish fringe skirt. A jumpsuit is more comfortable, but fringe skirts are more stylish.

Try out a different hairstyle this time by mixing up the stylish braids and curls. Also, carry a pair of nice sunglasses and hat to beat the heat.

For footwear, there could be nothing better than a stylish pair of platform wedges for women. OTBT Layover platform wedges are stylish enough and will let you make a cool style statement for the day.

Bring out the Colors in You on Day 3

You must have spotted some celebrities in the festival till now, so why not to take some fashion inspiration from them? I would also suggest you to try out a new temporary hair color to completely transform your look from the previous day.

Color your streaks blue, green or pink to get a funky look. Wear cool denim shorts and cropped halter top to complete the look.

This cool casual look can be paired up best with the women casual shoes such as women fashionable sneakers or casual women flats.

Click and explore the amazing Coachella festival fashion ready looks

Stylish Looks for the Second Weekend

Try out Long Slits on Day 1

Here comes the next and last Coachella weekend, and the young music lovers are excited once again to be a part of this music-filled excitement.

What about welcoming this new weekend by draping yourself in an all festive look. Either a one-piece dress with embellishments and long slit or pairing of a shiny top with a sexy long slit skirt. With these dresses, you will be all ready to spread the vivacious vibes.

A thing that goes perfectly well with dresses and skirts is heels, they are any day the most suitable for them. But, here as we are giving the priority to comfort, wedge sandals are one of the perfect options to stay on foot for hours.

Keep the Sexy Denim for Day 2

It is the second-last day of the Coachella festival, so it’s high time to take the enjoyments and fashion statements at their peak. Enjoy every bit of the festival moments by dressing up, enjoying the music and tapping your foot on the dance beats.

For letting your feet set loose, wear something that stays comfortable and looks stylish at the same time.  Wear a pair of stylish and comfortable wedge boots. A sexy denim shorts with an off-shoulder top is just perfect for the day. Or wear a lace shrug with a stylish bra underneath.

Kick out the Style in you on Day 3

Here comes the day 6, you must be feeling a bit tired if you have attended the previous 3 days or staying in the tents provided by the organizers near the festival venue. So, energize your dressing and your mood with colors, go for a vibrant colorful dress or a sparkling dress to keep your energy levels high.

Either wear a short one-piece dress or pair-up a colorful bohemian printed skirt with a plain off-shoulder top.  A chic hat and sunglasses are a must to stay protected and look stylish.

These looks can be best paired up with chic women flats or stylish women wedge heels. OTBT Storm is one of the best women wedge sandals option with dramatic beautiful wide strips and comfortable wedge heel with just the perfect height and comfortable fit.

So, let this Coachella celebrations filled with style and comfort by dressing up in something that is filled with both. Don’t miss to try all these styles and flaunt your looks with best Coachella outfit ideas 2018.


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