How to Plan an Unexpected Summer Trip?

The perfect way to feel refreshed in summer is by adding up a new interesting destination in your travel list. Well, often we plan our holidays well in advance by doing all the necessary preparations and a thorough research about the place. But, it is even more interesting to go on a sudden unexpected summer trip when you find yourself right in the middle of holidays without much preparation or thought process.

The biggest advantage of sudden unexpected summer trips is that everything that you are going to experience there would be full of surprises, the places, the food, and the culture. You will find yourself in the state of a true explorer.
If any such sudden travel plan is right in front of you, worry not, we bring you some quick and efficient ways to plan for the expected summer trip.

So, here comes the vacation checklist you need to carry along while going for the sudden vacations:

The Summer Outfits


There is no time to buy the new pairs? Not an issue, pack the best that you got to wear on the vacation that may include:
  • A T-shirt dress
  • A denim shorts with a cool off-shoulder top
  • A one-piece maxi dress
  • A pair of comfortable trousers and top
  • A tunic dress
  • A cool romper
All these dresses must be your summer favorite, they look absolutely cool and just perfect to make you look stylish even in the hot summer heat. Just pair them up with a pair of sunglasses and a cool hat.

The Summer Footwear

Source: OTBT Shoes

Footwear is the most important thing in a traveler’s checklist, after all it is something that keeps her going. Whether on the rough streets, smooth platforms, or somewhere in the middle of the air i.e. while traveling in flight. A footwear is something that keeps the traveler’s feet in comfort, provided you are wearing the right pair, i.e. appropriate for the situations and weather conditions.
As, it is the summer season, you are required to have something that allows maximum contact with air to prevent sweating. Also, the sole should be soft so that you can wear and walk in them for longer period of time.

Some of the best women footwear pairs are:
  • Comfortable flat sandals
  • Waterproof flat sandals or flip flops for beaches
  • Summer women wedges for taking a style walk around the city
  • Casual sneakers for women for taking long walks and enjoying comfort fit
  • A pair of flip-flops
  • Women walking shoes for travel
Summer is a time in which there is no need to carry heavy footwear pairs like thick winter shoes, so the summer footwear don’t add much of weight in your baggage, it means there is room for carrying an extra pair if you like. Just choose the right pairs that make you feel comfortable and keep going.

Women Handbag
Source: OTBT Copa Handbags

Women handbags are any way a must have travel accessory no matter where you are going. It is of so much help to carry all time essentials by your side such as the mobile, keys, a hand towel, hair comb, or a lip balm etc. Well, the travel handbags can vary as per their size, functionality, and style. Select the one suitable for you, if no time to shop then one from your owned handbags.

Generally, a tote bag and a sleek sling bag such as OTBT Copa or Tulum are enough to organize the stuff, and you can carry the desired one as per the requirement while hitting the beach or the market.

The Summer Cosmetics

The time of summer will make you sweat more and it can also make your skin look oily. So, carry your cosmetics or make-up essentials by keeping all these things into account. Here are some items that should be a must in the list:
  • The sunscreen lotion with a high SPF (40-50)
  • A lip-care balm with SPF
  • A matt face-powder to prevent the oil formation
  • A dry shampoo
  • A small cosmetic bag to carry every time essentials such as a comb and lip-balm
  • An oil-free matt foundation to have a fresh oil-free look on face
  • An eye-liner to enhance your beautiful eyes
You must be using most of these products in your daily routine, just make sure that the items you carry should be oil-free and contain SPF to keep your skin Sun safe.

The Summer Essentials

As it is going to be a summer trip, there are some unavoidable packing essentials that you need to carry to keep the comfort level at its max despite the hot weather that includes:
  • Water bottle
  • 1-2 pair of sunglasses
  • A hat for protecting face
  • Travel speakers
  • Phone charger
  • A hand-held portable fan
  • Ice cool bandana
  • Seasonal watery fruits to stay cool
  • Dry nuts and seeds
  • Packed cold-pressed juice bottles
  • A backpack for easy walking while exploring the city
  • Lightweight travel handbag that can be carried around easily

Summer vacation are one of the best ways to feel chilled out in the hot weather. Just pack your bags and leave to enjoy the true spirit of a new place without doing much planning and preparation. Enjoy traveling, explore the unexplored, but make sure to carry every essential to enjoy the holidays at their best. Keep exploring!


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