Wedges that are Topping the Trend Chart in Fall 2017

Comfortable Wedges are an all-time favorite footwear for women, though they find it more suitable to wear boots in the fall season, you can’t settle for only one kind of footwear, be it summer or fall. Boots are good for a better foot coverage and protection, but they can’t resolve every purpose, such as going for parties or for some formal winter outings. In fact, it is a great way to spice up the whole outfit by stepping in a totally different footwear, a complete contrary from everyone’s expectations.

So, for keeping the much-needed variety in your shoe wardrobe, I will discuss the top designs for comfortable platform wedges for women that are still topping the charts in fall 2017.

Top Women Wedge Styles for fall 2017

Wedge Ballerinas

Wedge ballerinas are stylish, cover your foot to a good extent, and makes a good alternative of boots to be worn during the fall season. Not only this, but there are different styling options among which you can choose the best one for yourself. There are wedge ballerinas with or without ankle straps, high-heeled or low-heeled, different colors and a lot many varieties to choose from.

Toe Covered Wedge Espadrilles

The toe covered wedge Espadrilles are also good to attain a better foot coverage. Enough support is provided from the back side of the espadrille to get a better grip on foot. These stylish espadrille women wedges can also be a good alternative of boot for the fall season.

Single Strap Wedges


Single strap wedges are super stylish, whether its summer or winter, they make a perfect footwear, covered from the front and a single strap for better grip in the middle of the shoe. Amazing grip and support make this footwear one of the best choices if you are thinking to buy something for fall outings and parties. They are a perfect mix of ultimate comfort and great style.

Women Wedge Loafers

Women wedge loafers are easy slip-on's that give perfect balance, support, and coverage. Unlike boots, they are super easy to take on or off. If you are women traveler and looking for shoes that are suitable for fall and can easily be removed while sitting on the long flights, comfortable women wedge loafers are just perfect for you.
Wedge loafers will also look good on fall dresses such as long overcoats or sweater dresses. So, women wedge loafers are another amazing alternative of boots for fall 2017.

Transparent Women Wedge Shoes

If you want to show off some skin in winters by not wearing boots, here is something you can go for to cheat others and that is a pair of transparent wedge shoes. It is a completely unique footwear that doesn’t look like a shoe at all, but cover your foot up to the ankle.

Wide Strap Wedge Sandals

Either one extra wide strap or two wide straps, they look just perfect for the fall season as these straps cover most of your foot skin and make them look more covered and thus more suitable for fall. If you want to wear a sleek dress in fall, wide strap wedges will balance the whole look by giving a wider and a bit heavy look to the feet.

These are some of the wedge styles that are perfectly suitable for the fall season for those who are tired of wearing boots the whole winters. Spice up your wardrobe with these stylish and comfortable women wedges and let the style follow you this season.


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