How to Prepare Yourself and Your Home on Thanksgiving

Do you think you can gulp in that large feast of Thanksgiving without any preparation, then you might be mistaken. Some amount of readiness is definitely required not only for your home but for your tummy as well. Because without that either you won’t be able to enjoy the meal to the fullest, or your tummy will have to face some digestion problems.

So, first let’s talk about our own bodies, how to prepare your tummy for a large traditional feast.
There are certain things that you can avoid doing hours before the big day, but you can start your preparation right before a week or two.

A Week or Two before the Big Day

Try to Consume Large Meals – before a week or two try to consume large meals just as a practice to notice how much you can eat and how your body reacts to it. This can help you a lot in planning your meal for the big day.
But, keep in mind that doesn’t make it a regular practice to eat large meals, otherwise, your weight will shoot up. Just do it occasionally to check your body’s behavior.

Just hours before the big day

A big requirement of planning comes in hours before the big day, because you are just about to get indulge in the feast. So, check out the preparation you need to do for your tummy just before hours.

48 hours before Thanksgiving
Avoid having any large meal just before 48 hours of that traditional Thanksgiving feast, because your body won’t be able to digest two large meals properly in such a short span of time. Try consuming more of liquid diet. Instead of having one large meal at a time, consume multiple meals of a small portion.
This will help to make sufficient space in your tummy to gulp in that traditional feast.

24 hours before Thanksgiving
Now left only a gap of few hours between you and the tasty feast, to enjoy it to the fullest, avoid having much of water and heavy meals. Instead, you can take a bowl full of fruits or yogurt for the breakfast. Try to keep your meals light or you can also skip them if you want. This makes you feel hungry and lets you enjoy the traditional meal to the fullest.

Appropriate Clothing
Go for some loose, comfortable, stretchable clothes if you want your stomach to just stretch to a good extent. Otherwise, you might have to open the button of your tight jeans to accommodate your fuller stomach.

Have a Cold drink
A bottle full of cold drink can be your savior during the feasting time. It lets the stuff go down easily and also helps in releasing uncomforting gases.

Sooth your Stomach after Having a Big Feast

Avoid having water for about an hour just after having a heavy meal, because it makes your stomach feels even fuller and uncomfortable. Have a glass of warm water when your stomach feels it can accommodate the water. Warm water will help improve your digestion and relieve your stomach. Also, it will help you not to get fat. 

Keep yourself hydrated after having lots of salty or oily food. It will help cleanse your system and help repair your body after it has spent a lot of energy digesting a heavy meal.

A brisk morning walk the next day will also make you feel lighter and much active. You can also go for a light exercise. Just wear a pair of comfortable shoes and get going.
This is how you can prepare and soothe your body before and after having a heavy Thanksgiving feast.

Now, let’s talk about the preparation of home. These preparations will help you accommodate a comparatively larger number of guests in your home with ease. Also, you would be able to enjoy the day at its best, because most of your work will be done in advance.

Preparing Home for Thanksgiving

If you are planning a get-together with friends and family this Thanksgiving, it’s high time to start preparing for it, or either make the necessary plans that how you are going to organize it all.
From kitchen to the dining area, everything should be well prepared in advance. Prepare the dinner menu at least a week before the big day, so that you get plenty of time to do all the preparations such as arranging the raw material, arranging the required cutlery etc.

Prepare and freeze as much stuff as you can in advance, this can save a lot of your time and effort on the big day.

Some of the stuff that you can prepare and freeze well in advance are:
Pie crust or the whole pie
Dinner rolls
Cranberry sauce, and
Mashed potatoes etc.

Apart from the kitchen stuff, you might also be needing a lot of other stuff for decorating your home for this big event such as fancy lights, Thanksgiving-themed table, and doormats, extra or new pieces of cutlery etc.

You might easily get a lot of decorating stuff form the market, or either you can make them on your own.

Some of the most beautiful pieces of Thanksgiving decoration include: 
Fall leaf wall hanging,
Fall leaf themed candle stand,
Pumpkin flower vases
Pumpkin corner decorators
Pumpkin-themed thanksgiving tree

After arranging all the decoration and eating stuff, it’s time to take a look at the spacing in your home. If your furniture is not arranged properly, it’s time to do so. Try to get the arrangement done in such a way that you get plenty of space for your guests to come in and enjoy, and if any rearrangements required for this, just do that.


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