New Year 2018 Styling Tips for Curvy Women

Time has arrived to prepare your wardrobe for the New Year’s 2018 Eve party. The biggest party of the season will not let you go unnoticed, so its high time to show-off your style, no matter what size or shape you belong to.

If you are still wondering what is going to suit your curvy body this time, I am here to present you some amazing ideas that will definitely help you in making a style statement.

But, before that, it is very important to understand your body, to observe and analyze what suits on it and what not. Is all the fat intact in your curves, or do you think it is creating the problem in a certain area? Be truthful to yourself and choose the dress that compliments your body, not something that will ruin your style because of the wrong dress selection.

1. Go Glitter

The glittery trend is in and it is definitely a worth try for this New Year 2018 celebrations. 
You can flaunt your curves with a glittering body-hugging wrap dress.

If you are looking for something that can hide your thighs and buttocks, either go for an A-line dress or a frock dress with a waist belt. It will help hide the problem area with ease without letting you compromise on style.

Also, in frock and A-line dresses try to choose something that will let you maintain a balance between glitter and plane because dresses always look good when the shine and glitter remain in a perfect proportion.

Another way to balance out the glitter look is by wearing plane solid colored or double-shade stilettoes. It will prevent the over-the-top look and will only let you look stylish.

2. Sheath Dresses

Sheath dresses are also perfect to flaunt the sexy curvy body, so just go flaunt your curves, these are something that is giving beauty to your body. 

Though you will get a variety of prints and fabrics in the market for Sheath dresses, go for something that makes you look slimmer and choose the fabric that fits well.

Go by the dressing tips for curvy women that are given below to make yourself look leaner and taller.

If we talk about the footwear, Pumps are good to be paired up with sheath dresses, but to keep up the spirit of winters and to look stylishly different, you can also opt for comfortable knee-high boots. It will give an edge to the whole look and also make you look winter ready.

Tips for Girls to Look Leaner:

1. Avoid wearing broad prints, instead, go for sweet small prints to suit your body.
2. Go for plane denim without any embellishments.
3. Use the right fabric that can stretch appropriately.
4. Wear a jacket on the jeans to hide lower abdomen and buttock area.
5. Wear pointed high heels to look slim and improve the posture.
6. Embrace shapewear, especially for the area you want to hide.
7. Tie your hair up with a crown on top to make your face look thinner.
8. Go for vertical stripes instead of horizontal.
9. Avoid Adding layers to dress.

Go by these tips and you will definitely able to look leaner than ever.

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3. Go for Gowns

A long gown is one of the best dresses to highlight the good and hide the bad areas. Different shapes of long gowns are available, some are A-line, some are straight, some are off-shoulder and some with a long slit.

Choose the shape that goes best with your physique. Generally, A-line gowns look good on curvy women, but it totally depends on your personal choice and type of body.

For gowns you can really play along with heels while making a selection, high heels always look good, either go for the wedge heels, block heels, or pencil heels etc. Selection of right heels with gowns will not only look good but will also help in improving the posture.

4. Keep it Flowy

Flowy dresses look good on every size and shape, there is no need to give another thought if you are thinking to buy that dress.

Easy to carry, a dress that can easily hide the problem areas by letting you look stylish. Also, the flow of the dress let you set loose for the party mood.

The best footwear that can be paired up with the flowy dresses are high heel wedge sandals or thin heeled pumps. They will make you look sexy at the New Year’s Eve Party.

5. Knee/ Full-Length Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are always a cool choice for curvy and plus-size women. Either it is a knee length or full-length maxi dress, it always looks great on curvy females.

Maxi dresses can be paired up with a variety of footwear. If you are a fan of wedge heels, go for comfortable wedge sandals, or peep-toes wedge sandals. If you like long pointed heels, go for high pointed heels. Even you can also pair it up with ankle length boots or booties.

6. Flared Skirts and Jacket

Flared skirts look sexy, feels comfortable, and most importantly they suit every shape and size. Pair up this flared skirt with a short jacket to cover up the areas that have accumulated fat. 

The footwear that can be paired up with skirts are high-heeled pumps, wedge sandals, wedge peep-toes, ankle booties, or even flats.

These were some of the ideas that every plus-size or curvy woman can try on New Year’s Eve party of 2018. And, always remember that you and your body are very special. Just style it right to get the best of looks and beauty. I wish you all a very Happy New Year 2018!


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